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What technology in today’s medical world is able to help patients in dental care? At AckSmiles Dental Clinic, we use 3-D technology in order to make the dental procedure in multiple treatments as fast as possible. The most important treatment that 3-D technology comes hand in hand with is a dental implant. With the time that most average dental implants take in mind, it is very important to incorporate this technology to make the procedure see it’s end as fast as possible. Doctor Carranza will use this technology to explain to the patients what will happen and what they should expect during the pre-planning process.

3D Technology in Dental Implants


The 3-D technology that is incorporated in dental implants delivers more accurate and streamlined implant processes. Before going under a dental implants procedure, there are many factors to consider, such as where the new implant should be placed. Several other factors must be considered in order for the implant to go swiftly and with ease. The safety of the patient is most top priority, so it is also important to consider the medical conditions that each patient might have.
“3D imaging is such a valuable tool for our implant patients to help them feel absolutely confident in the work that they need to make their smile complete again,” said a Virginian implant dentist Dr. Robert Sorenson.

Why should we risk the possibility that the computer might make a mistake? The dental implant procedure using 3-D imagery will almost never be inaccurate. Because the dental clinic will use a real X-ray of your teeth, the 3-D technology will recognize where exactly to input the implant and we are able to consider the factors of any medical conditions after that. The 3-D technology is almost fool-proof and it will help Doctor Carranza in a reduced time period for the implant surgery.

3D Dental Implants can You Save a lot of Money

There is a lot of valuable information that the 3-D technology provides us with, and the first major benefit of the technology is that it helps to avoid the very expensive bone grafts, and reduces the time for the surgery. Other minor benefits include the preservation of the jawbone and the increased strength that the implant provides. Dental implants are most useful in replacing single teeth or a whole anchor of teeth. This technology is used in most clinics in order to make the surgery simpler and with haste. AckSmiles Dental Clinic takes advantage of the modern technology in the medical world to make the customer satisfaction much better with the improved accuracy.

In conclusion, using 3-D technology in dental implants and other dental procedure is very useful. It preserves time and has many benefits that might be advantageous for many people, and that’s why AckSmiles Dental Clinic uses this technology. As Doctor Carranza tries to make the process as swift as possible, he/she will also use the pre-planning process to discuss this information with you and to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. As you can see, the 3-D technology in the medical world is proved useful in many situations.

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