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Liven up Your Smile-- And Possibly Your Paycheck

Liven up Your Smile– And Possibly Your Paycheck

by alevergara
Liven up Your Smile– And Possibly Your Paycheck   There might be more truth than you think to the term “million-dollar smile.” Research study has actually discovered proof of a possible connection between your look and just how much is in your income. In a research launched by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, researchers discovered that good-looking a lot of people tend to earn 5 percent more an hour than their less attractive cohorts. Other research studies recommend…

Can a Smile Makeover Do The Trick For You?

by alevergara
Many people are afraid to get any type of dental treatment because they love their teeth regardless of their looks and the last thing they want is to lose them. Some people don’t go for dental treatments because they think the treatments will require needles to be injected in their teeth and they will be painful. However, when we talk about smile makeover we are talking about dozens of different treatments used to make a person’s smile impressive. A smile makeover is not necessarily a procedure…

Get Your Confidence BACK with Smile Makeover

by alevergara
 Get Your Confidence BACK with Smile Makeover Just like the makeup of the face, you can have your teeth look beautiful through smile makeover. All you have to do is choose the right people to do the job because you must understand that if the good results are going to give a boost to your confidence and spread a smile on your face, bad results could do the worst as well. You should only let a certified and licensed surgeon perform the treatment on your teeth if you want your money to be spent for…