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There are certainly many people out there with a fear of going to the dentist. Why should this be such an issue in today’s oral care? The safety of all personnel located at all dental clinics may be at risk of danger. The fear of going to the dentist may cause violence that could injure people, and we do not want that to happen. Most people with this fear are frightened of dental implants and the pain that might bring with it due to any kind of abuse. It might be so that a careless dentist created a psychological trauma for the patient.

At AckSmiles dental clinic, we take pride in making the dental procedure as comfortable as possible. As you may have noticed, our dental clinic uses the pre-planning process to make sure we have any information about you that could help us in treating you. The 3-D technology available to Doctor Carranza helps us to make dental implants as easy as possible. It has been proven that over 80% of all dental procedures were more successful and helped in trauma cases of patients. If you have any problems that you state to us during the pre-planning process, it will help Doctor Carranza in using 3-D technology to reduce your discomfort and get through the dental treatment with ease.

The 3-D technology available to our dental clinic allows us to let the computer calculate the best ways to do a dental implant without any discomforts or pain provided to you. The 3-D technology will act as a guide in locating all your teeth, and where the computer calculates the right position, we can always follow the guide because we know that the 3-D imagery is one hundred percent accurate. For those with dental related traumas or people with discomforts at the dentist, 3-D technology has made it possible to keep the dental clinic safe and much more relaxing for the patient.

Why should we not use human intelligence? The 3-D technology is only a guide that will help us to calculate major operations without any difficulty. By creating a computer image of your condition, it will help Doctor Carranza to locate the most accurate spot for the implant without any hardship. The technology is merely a planning stage for the doctor, so the operation will be quicker and the treatment will go at its most accurate point. If you have any more questions about the 3-D technology, it is best for you to consult with Doctor Carranza.

In conclusion, the technology reduces your trauma or discomforts, and helps with the accuracy in the placement of the implant. Dental implants can be very difficult in some cases where the actual cavity cannot be seen, however with the new 3-D technology imagery, it is more accurate with the computer to calculate where and how the implant should be inputted. The 3-D guide will help our doctor to help you and ourselves both in safety and your satisfaction. As you can see, it is important to understand that the 3-D technology will be of help in many ways.

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