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CAD stands for computer aided design and CAM for computer aided manufacturing. In the past these methods were used by the dentists but due to their cumbersomeness they couldn’t become as prevalent in the clinics as they are now. In the past the long procedure and time required to come up with the design of the tooth made it impossible for dentists to perform the procedures within hours in the clinics. Instead the job was given to the laboratories where it took even weeks in coming up with the right dentures, bridges, crowns and veneers required for the patients.

Today the technology has gone ahead of where it was standing a few decades ago and now it is possible for the dentists to perform CAD and CAM procedures to provide their patients with instant solutions. After taking scans and x-rays of patients’ oral cavity the dentists are able to feed the information into their computers. The computers read the information and show enlarged and clear images to the dentists of whatever is lying in the mouth of the patient. With some work the dentists are then able to create the right design for his/her patients’ teeth and fix them.

Painless implants are now possible without a few minutes or at the most a couple of hours for all dental patients. In the past the patients had to wait at home while the damaged design of their tooth was sent to the laboratory for it to create the right veneer, crown or other dental component. Now the dentist can perform all of this work in the clinic and within a few minutes the required component for the tooth is ready to be put on it. The 3D software and imaging help dentists in getting a full detail of patients’ oral cavity.

So now you will go to the dentist to get implants crowns or veneers and will come back with your problem solved. The dentist will take x-rays or scans of your teeth and put the information into the computer. The computer will then create an image of whatever part of your tooth needs to be fixed. The design is created on the computer and the software takes it further by manufacturing the veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays in the clinic. The ceramic or other required material is already present in the clinic and used by dentist to create the dentures.

Dentists can already see the benefits of CAD/CAM methods have already incorporated these systems in their clinics and others are doing all they can to get the system. At AckSmiles Dr. Carranza is making sure to provide his patients with implants, onlays, inlays, dentures, crowns and many other treatments with the help of this system. Now you don’t have to visit the dental clinic multiple times and leave work from the office on weekdays to be at the clinic. You might have your dentures, crowns or veneers right on your first meeting with the dentist. CAD/CAM is definitely the future of dental restoration and you must benefit from it right now.

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