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One of the biggest reasons patients come to Ack Smiles is that they get the best of treatments for their money here. They are not treated like patients but as family here and only the best methods are applied to cure their dental problems. It is for the benefit of patients that Ack Smiles uses the latest techniques and technological equipment for all of its treatments and also follows the minimally invasive procedures in treating all dental problems. Everything is done systematically to make sure that the best results are obtained from all major and minor treatments performed at the clinic.

When it comes to dental implants Dr. Carranza uses the latest components available in the market. He only uses the most reliable material in the market and applies the latest techniques in treating all dental problems to avoid most of the problems that could arise with old procedures. All the technology and methods used by Ack Smiles is not only for the purpose of making use of the most expensive equipment compared to competitors but for treating the patients quickly and without making them spend days in completing a particular treatment. The new equipment does a great job in that.

Air abrasion, autoclave, bitewing x-rays, dental microsurgery, CEREC, CEPH, digital tomography, endolase, diode laser, waterlase etc. are the latest techniques, equipments and methods used by the dentists of today to facilitate the treatments and the patients. Precision implants and painless implants are only possible with the use of these latest products and the most serious dentists are working only with these products to ensure that their patients get the best out of their treatments. Use of these techniques, methods and technologies has also reduced the time of treatments to a great deal, benefitting the patients greatly eventually.

Invisalign is another great example of latest technology in use in dentistry. These clear and transparent braces have solved the problem for thousands and millions of people around the world who needed to shift their teeth but who didn’t have the confidence to have those metal braces on their teeth. The clear invisalign are virtually invisible and it’s much easier to switch from one set of braces to another. They can also be taken off and put on easily as compared to old metal braces. Ack Smiles is making use of all the new techniques and methods and this is what makes it a favorite choice for most of the dental patients.

At Ack Smiles Dr. Carranza is the dentist with unmatched skills when it comes to esthetic dentistry and other dental procedures. Dr. Carranza works with the latest techniques and procedures and makes use of the modern technology in all of his treatments. He uses the 3D technology and guides to ensure that all patients get their implants with accuracy and that all dental implants are flawless and deliver the best results on end. Now, whether you need onlays, inlays, whitening, veneers, crowns or dental implants, Ack Smiles can do the job without making you wait for weeks to complete the treatments.

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