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3d-dental-implants-3Dental procedures can be very complex in nature such as dental implants, especially when the bone is not really in the best condition to perform the dental implants. At the same time, precision and accuracy are important factors too and that’s the reason why we have precision implants. To make sure that these procedures go well without any problems and patients are able to get the best results 3D surgical guides are used. The 3D methods can be used in all procedures and the best use of these softwares is before performing a surgery in the planning process.


3D Surgical Guides: Making Use of the Newest Technology

Today, dentists are making use of latest technology and systems that provide them the right information on performing the dental treatments with 100% accuracy. NobelGuide is a big name of such a system that provides solutions, softwares and components for all dental needs. Dentists are making use of these guides in order to ensure the best results after every surgical treatment. Dental patients can now rest assured that their teeth can be restored with minimal damage to their tooth structure and in the least time possible with the use of these modern methods and techniques.


There are various softwares that provide dentists with a detailed insight into the oral cavity of the patients and these 3D images help them in planning their treatment. The dentists can now use these softwares in order to see what the procedure will involve, what areas in the mouth will be affected during the procedure and what the best and safest way of performing the treatment is. This reduces the time spent at clinic for patients and also helps the dentists a great deal in performing more treatments in a day than they were able to perform without the use of this technology.


The best use of these systems is in the implants where a metal root needs to be inserted in the jawbone and requires a flawless treatment in order to be successful. Any misplacement of the screw in the jawbone can be a big problem for the dentist as well as the patient. Furthermore, dental implants play an important role not only esthetically but in relation to health as well. They improve the bite force of a patient but if they are not placed properly the results could be the opposite.


Reducing Risk with 3D Surgical Guides

Using 3D surgical guides e.g. NobelGuide, reduces the risk of mistreatment to minimum.
AckSmiles is making use of these 3D surgical guides to perform surgeries on its patients and ensure that they get the best results when the procedure has completed. The anatomy of the patient’s oral cavity, 3D images guiding the dentist on where the drilling needs to be done and other details form a bridge between the procedure and its success. All these technological components and the involvement of technology in dentistry has made it possible for patients to get implants in just a single visit and avoid the hassle of many visits. The procedures have become more with these methods too.

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