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Different patients react differently to dental procedures. While there are some who don’t have any problems in getting treated with their eyes open and can take a little bit of pain as well, there are others who cannot even digest the idea of being in the seat and getting their teeth treated. The little shining tools and the dentist too can make these people uneasy. They are not comfortable during the procedures and from teeth whitening to dental implants, all these treatments need the patient to relax when the procedure is in progress. The restless patients cannot do that.

Patients who can’t manage to overcome their anxiety are then given sedatives. This is called sedation dentistry and implants crowns, precision implants, dentures and other methods are performed under the influence of these sedatives. The purpose of sedation dentistry is to make such patients feel calm and relaxed during the procedure. This makes sure that patients are able to get treated before it is too late. Another reason why some patients must be given sedatives is to numb their sense of time. Lengthy treatments can make patients uncomfortable but under sedation the time flies for them and hours feel like minutes and seconds to them.

Who needs Sedation Dentistry


However, it is the skill of a dentist to use the sedation in the right scenario and at the right time. Not all patients should be given sedatives because all of them don’t need it. Sedation should not depend on the treatment but on the patient and a dentist must give sedation to patient who needs it regardless of the treatment. A patient who can easily go through the entire treatment without any anxiety or discomfort should not be given sedative just for the sake of it.

Sedation is now used in painless implants by almost all the dentists around the world.

Keeping in mind the accuracy of all the treatments, especially for performing implants with accuracy, Ack Smiles also applies sedation dentistry for patients who are not comfortable with the dental procedures. Once the patient has been given the sedatives he/she does not feel the pain during the procedure and the time passes very quickly for the patient. A procedure taking hours in completion might appear to the patient as of just a few minutes. However, it is important to have a person take the patient home since the influence of sedatives might last for 6-8 hours after the dose.

Sedation Dentistry by Dr. Aristo Carranza

Dr. Carranza has been known in the field and patients for using only the safest and the latest techniques in performing all dental procedures. This is the reason he’s been a successful dentist for years and earned great respect in the field. In addition to sedation dentistry, Ack Smiles is making use of the minimally invasive procedures in performing the treatments. The use of latest technology at the clinic ensures that virtually all the treatments are performed in one visit. Dentures, crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays are also performed within minutes and hours by Ack Smiles so the patients need just one appointment to have their dental defects fixed.

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