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Invisalign is the latest technique in straightening your teeth without braces

Invisalign is a relatively new technique in dentistry and it is meant to straighten the teeth and shift their position to a desired one from the patient. They are like braces but made from a different material and worn over the teeth to gradually shift them to the desired position – most commonly backwards.

How Is Invisalign Different From Braces?

Even though the working of invisalign is same as braces but invisalign is not made from metal but from plastic. The plastic is clear plastic that’s not really visible when worn on the teeth unlike metal braces that are clearly visible. The treatment is a bit different in that the patient needs to switch from one plastic brace to another after every two weeks. The purpose of switching them is to tighten the grip so the teeth can be moved where you wish them to.

Additional Information About Invisalign

When you want to shift your forwarded teeth backwards and in a position where they complement your smile, you will be torn between invisalign and metal braces. You must know make your decision on the factors that matter to you the most. For example, if you don’t want everyone to know right in the first glance that you are shifting your teeth due to a metal brace, the plastic invsalign braces are perfect. On most occasions, they are less painful than the metal braces. The best part about invisalign aligners are popular for their ability of being removed when desired. While smoking or eating, you can remove them so they are not affected and your diet is never restricted unlike metal braces where you are prohibited to eat certain foods. What other measures must be taken when going for invisalign aligners can be best instructed by your dentist. Similarly, the cost of this treatment also depends on the clinic and your dentist. It’s best that you consult with a dentist as to what procedure will be best in your case. Learn more about Tooth Whitening