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An onlay restoration is a custom made filling made of composite material, gold, or tooth-colored porcelain. Porcelain onlays are popular because they resemble your natural tooth.

It is often referred to as only restoration and it is a type of filling done in the weaker or damaged parts of the teeth with only certain materials that are best suited for the job i.e. gold or porcelain. Of course, if you will go for porcelain onlays, the final result will be closer to the natural looks of your teeth. Prepared in the laboratory, they have to be customized for each patient with different cases. Decay is the most common cause when onlays are suggested because other methods will not be able to restore the tooth or teeth. Unlike crowns that cover the entire tooth, onlays are applied to only the damaged parts of your tooth. Onlays are suggested to patients that have gone a step ahead in damaged teeth than other patients that need inlays. Mostly, if the cusps are destroyed, you will be suggested onlays. In dentistry only very few of the methods are everlasting, but in most cases you need replacements and further visits to the dentists.

Onlays will also at some time require you to visit the clinic again to have new replacements for your old onlays but these visits are not frequent at all.

Reasons for onlay restorations:

  • When your teeth have fractures
  • When you want your teeth enhance
  • When your teeth are decaying
  • When your fillings have been affected

What is included in an Porcelain Onlay treatment?

Two appointments are all you need in order to have this treatment completed. When you visit clinic for the first time your dentist will impressions of your teeth or molars so the right onlay could be created for your teeth. Furthermore, your tooth will be numbed by the dentist with some substance they usually use and any decay or falling filling your teeth possess will be removed by the dentist. In short, your teeth or molars will be cleaned and shaped for onlay to fit in it. Some kind of temporary filling will hold place in your tooth until your next appointment and while the right onlay is being created for your teeth. Now, when you visit the clinic for your next appointment, the dentist’s job is to have the onlay fitted into your tooth accurately and carefully. The main purpose of having appropriate fitting is pretty obvious – to allow you to bite on your foods with ease. Whatever cautions and measures you must take after the treatment will be instructed by the doctor when your treatment is complete and you must ensure you take care of your onlays well. Learn More about Invisalign NJ