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Do You Need Oral Implants

Do You Need Oral Implants?

by alevergara
Do You Need Oral Implants?   Dental implants are an artificial tooth root that a periodontist puts into the jaw to hold the change tooth or bridge. This is a perfect alternative for people in great general oral health who have actually lost a tooth or teeth due to gum disease, an injury, or some other factor. Oral implants are really more tooth saving than conventional bridgeworks, considering that implants do not communicate on neighboring teeth for support. There is excellent news in dental…

Getting The Best Results From All Procedures With 3D Surgical Guides

by alevergara
Dental procedures can be very complex in nature such as dental implants, especially when the bone is not really in the best condition to perform the dental implants. At the same time, precision and accuracy are important factors too and that’s the reason why we have precision implants. To make sure that these procedures go well without any problems and patients are able to get the best results 3D surgical guides are used. The 3D methods can be used in all procedures and the best use of these softwares…