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If you’ve been to other dental clinics, you might’ve complained about the bad treatment you’re getting from the dentist. Have you ever questioned the professionalism about the doctor at that particular dental clinic? If your answer is yes, then you might as well head down to the Ack Smiles dental clinic. With Doctor Carranza’s detailed pre-planning session, you won’t have to worry about questioning. He/she will be able to discuss further details about your dental care condition by giving thorough explanations about your X-ray results and how you should be treated. If you have any conditions or fears that you’re worried about in dental procedures, then it would be best to tell Doctor Carranza at this time so proper measures can be taken.

Our dental clinic’s pre-planned sessions with the dentist will be able to provide us with information and other special measures that should be taken. For example, if you already have had a dental implant from another clinic, then it might tell us more about your dental care and what additional measures should be taken for your safety. Your safety while we give dental treatments is top priority, and we wouldn’t want to hurt you or ourselves. It is best to use this pre-planned session to give any possible information that could change your dental procedure or anything that should be added.

Through the pre-planning process, we can find whether or not you should need more complicated treatments such as a dental implant. Our clinic is able to receive more information while consulting with you with the results of the X-ray. For example, you may be frightened of the pain that the dental procedure might deliver, so our clinic may recommend the use of a painless implant. As you can see, through the pre-planning process, Doctor Carranza is able to collect information about you and how you should be treated.

Why do we use the pre-planning process? If we were to send patients right to the doctor, then we may never know about a condition you may have and you might have to hold in the pain. To prevent any damage to you and ourselves, it is best that we use this dedicated time to help you get as comfortable as possible. The pre-planned process has showed positive results in the past and our dental clinic would like to use it as much as possible to support our dentist and you.

In conclusion, our dental clinic uses a pre-planned process in order to gain more information about you and for you to tell us what fears or conditions that you might have. Through this, Doctor Carranza is able to identify what methods of dental procedure should be used and how the treatment should be handled. We believe this is what creates the intended result of the prosthesis, and that is the key to success in your dental treatment. As you can see, Ack Smiles dental clinic cares about our patients and we want to support you in every way possible.

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