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Dentistry is not as simple as it looks because there is a lot that needs to be considered before performing even the simplest treatments such as filling and cleaning. Just a few years ago people were ready to have their molars removed from their mouth just because they had little problem with them or they would start bleeding all of a sudden. Removing them was considered a good solution to the problem but today the idea has changed. Dentistry is much more advanced and benefiting for the patients now. Things are now done through minimally invasive procedures.

These are the procedures, as clear from the name, which have been designed to cause as less damage as possible to the teeth for the purpose of treating them. For example, putting crowns on teeth requires a lot of tooth structure to be removed first and this has been happening this way for years. However, recently the science has given dentistry some new methods of fixing crooked teeth, stopping tooth decay and intercepting many other dental problems without causing too much damage to the tooth structure. If some problem must result in removal of tooth structure, the removal should be minimal.

Whether you want painless implants, crowning or other types of dental implants, the minimally invasive procedures are present to cause very little damage to the original tissue. In fact, this is the major purpose of minimally invasive procedures – to save the natural tissue as much as possible. When your teeth are restored or cured for stopping the decay process these methods guarantee that least invasive procedures are used first to heal the organ. For tooth decay problem the first option suggested by dentists who practice minimally invasive procedures is mineralization performed with the help of fluoride.

Other techniques used such as precision implants, implants crowns and many other dental procedures are all performed with minimal damage to the teeth, bones and tissues. For example, in the past the dentists had to remove a large part of the tooth in order to install the crowns but that’s not the case anymore. The procedures that are being used today are called inlays for filling the teeth and onlays for replacing the crowns. In both the methods the removal of tooth structure and enamel is minimal. All dental implants are done securely and safely without causing much damage to the natural tooth and the tissues in mouth.

AckSmiles is currently making use of these procedures to ensure that the natural beauty and strength of teeth and tissues is not taken away from the patients. By using these minimally invasive procedures Dr. Carranza has already helped thousands of patients and he continues to help them even more. Some of the most common procedures considered minimally invasive and in use by most of the dentists include remineralization, sealants, inlays, onlays, bite splints and air abrasion. AckSmiles also makes sure that when there is a problem with your teeth the first step taken is for preventing the condition rather than removing the tooth or performing a complex procedure.

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